X-Ray Tomography (Core & Plug CT-Scanning)
Gamma Ray logging (Spectral and Total Core Gamma, Depth Matching)
Core Preparation (Inspection, Layout, Cleaning, & Marking)
Core sampling
Core Plugging (Consolidate & Unconsolidated Cores, 1, 1.2 and 1.5 inch)
Plug Trimming
Soxhlet Cleaning
Humidity Oven Drying
Dean & Stark Saturation Determination
Ambient Helium Porosity
Gas Permeability & Klinkenberg Corrected
Porosity & Permeability at Overburden Condition (up to 10000Psi)
Brine Permeability
Grain Density
Whole Core Preservation in Wax
Core Slabbing
Digital Core Photography (UV & White)
Core esination
Core store