Well trajectory design is used to optimize the determination of safe mud weight window. In addition, overwhelming wellbore instability problems and decreasing the drilling risks are the significant considerations in well trajectory design. Wellbore stability boundaries are calculated using the earth stresses, pore pressure, mechanical properties of the rock and well orientation at each depth level. Mud weight is also selected to minimize wellbore stability hazards: avoid wellbore instability or if unavoidable, move towards more “controllable” wellbore deformation.

The assessment of more exotic trajectories and drilling plans of infill vertical wells are based on either the nature of the target formation or rock types which are supposed to be traversed for different scenarios of inclination, region of the field, and etc. A well-established geo-mechanical data base enables drilling engineers to develop a wellbore trajectory plan and optimize their wellbore placement plans for the purpose of field redevelopment and reducing incidence of serious instability. NPC COMPANY provides full study and design of the safe and optimum trajectories for infill drilling wells.